IT Consultants Service (Hardware and Software)

Computer Networking Products and Solutions LAN / WAN, Data Communication operation and maintenance.

Structured Cabling System (SCS) or Data network cabling and intelligent Building Systems. Installations of UTP nodes, indoor & outdoor.

Fiber Installations with complete implementation right from the scratch.

Hardware Covering IT and office automation.

Integrated Network Solutions and VPN.

Wireless Network.

Internet and Network Security.



Custom Software Development


Customer Relationship Management Systems

WEB Development & Maintainace

e-Commerce Integrations with ERP’s


Network Analysis & Design

BAHJAT understands that every business is different, and has unique needs. That is why we provide custom network analysis and design. We want to make sure that the network we build is the right network for your business processes. To find the right networking solution to fit your needs, we have formed partnerships with leading technology manufacturers. Our knowledgeable staff performs a comprehensive assessment of possible network expansion, your local area network and wide area networks, any wireless needs, security, and any customer considerations. We then factor our findings into a final network configuration, making sure the network is the answer to your specific needs.

Project Planning Design & Management

If you’ve already begun your project, you’ve missed the first and most important step. The success of any project depends on the effort and thought put into its planning and design. MMSC has found that this process involves several steps and has made it easier for you by implementing our process and making the project go smoother for you. We identify your specific needs, why your project is necessary, how we can meet your needs with the project, and create a plan. The plan is then completed with the appropriate project documentation before signing off with the appropriate bodies. This project planning and design is a foolproof way to make your business run smoother and quicker.

Network Installation & Maintenance

BAHJAT  wants to assist you in saving money on your business, by providing network tools that free up time, and network maintenance that saves you from troubleshooting problems. After we have created a custom network design for you, we will install and maintain it, so it operates at the optimum level for your business. Our team provides around-the-clock expertise in a large number of products and support. We also hold certifications for every manufacturer we support, so we can accommodate you with technology consultants that are trained and tested.

Contingency Planning & Disaster Recovery

At BAHJAT, we understand how important your business is to you. That is why we realize how important it is to have a contingency plan in place and disaster recovery services.
Data backup may seem very routine and tedious, but when your irreplaceable data is on the line, it becomes extremely important. Successful recovery hinges greatly on the efficiency of your backup and recovery environment.

Customer Care Plan

If you are a large business, with offices in multiple locations, we can help create a customer care plan that takes care of all your needs in all of your offices. From network installation to web design and corporate identity, BBS can provide support to all of your offices and provide solutions to any of your information technology needs.